Courses Taught 

Seminars and lectures for undergraduate and graduate students

Anthropology and Constructions of Human Consciousness (Anthropologie und Menschenbilder)

Historicism and Education (Bildung und Geschichtlichkeit)

Exhibits and their Meanings/B.A. Senior Thesis Research Practicum (Ausstellungen und die Vermittlung vom Wissen/B.A.-Forschungspraktikum)

History and Pedagogy/Didactics (Geschichte und Pädagogik/Didaktik)

Theories of New Media: Documenting Education

Teaching the Holocaust: Media Pedagogy and History

Beginning German, Intermediate German, Advanced German for Professionals, Advanced German and Classics, Pronunciation and Phonology

German Film Classics

Beginning Italian

History of Central and Eastern Europe

History of Judaism

European women’s history

Women Warriors

Students and Revolution

Vampires in Myth and Text

Modern Germany

Modern France

The Holocaust

Nazi Germany

Western Civilization/Western Thought

Introduction to University Life for Freshmen

Travel and Tourism


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